Better Doubles – Better Watch Out!

hs-doubles-visionDoubles is a faster game than singles and as a coach you can help your players improve their doubles by improving their vision!  Not their 20-20 vision but their “who” vision, what player they should be watching when their partner is hitting.  For example, when your team is in the one up and one back position and the ball goes crosscourt to the back player the net player should watch the other net player and not turn their head to watch their partner hit.  The opposing net player is the player that can “hurt” your net player first and by watching that player your player has a better chance to react to their movements and shots.

Two drills (with a video clip) to use to help players improve their vision and their doubles:

  • DoC543 Volley to the “T”
  • DoC544 Volley to the “T” II