DoSPr585 Doubles Volley Drill

Here’s a new drill just added to with a video coming soon!

Here’s an opportunity for your players to work on two volley scenarios that happen often in doubles.  The first is moving in and hitting approach and volleys crosscourt.  The second is moving on a diagonal to hit volleys when at the net.

Start with your two players in a line at the baseline on the deuce side. The first player receives a short feed and hits an approach shot crosscourt, moves in and then volleys crosscourt.  The next player repeats the same sequence.  The sequence is then repeated with the coach (or the other player) playing the ball back crosscourt after the approach until a mistake.

The first player then starts at the net on the ad side, the coach feeds a ball down the alley and that player moves diagonally and plays a volley, the coach then feeds a ball towards the middle of the court and again the net player moves diagonally and hits a poaching volley, the last feed is even wider as the net player moves over and plays a volley back to the coach and the point is played out crosscourt.  The next player then rotates in and the sequence is repeated.  Players then start back and repeat the original sequence starting at the baseline on the ad side.


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